Object Type Magnification Notes
NGC 2217Galaxy88xLarge, round and easy galaxy, with and even brightness. Halo extends to twice the size with adveted vision. Near two 11th Mag stars.
NGC 2170Bright Nebula88xSmall patch of bright nebulousity around a 11th Mag Star.
M 78Bright Nebula88xBright patch of nebulosity. Easy, has two 11th Mag stars involved.
NGC 3242Planetary Nebula88xStrong green colour showing through on the Ghost of Jupiter, even at the lower power.
NGC 3115Galaxy88xSpindle Galaxy. Bright lenticular shaped galaxy. Contrast average, in the top of the Auckland light dome.
M 67Open Cluster88xLarge Messier Open Cluster. Fairly even in distribution, with 200 members. 50 odd stars are brighter than 11th Mag.
Fleming 1Planetary Nebula88xFleming 1. Small, compact and a hint of irregularity. Not difficult to spot.
8P TuttleComet88xLarge round comet with a very even brightness, possibly about 20 arc minutes in diameter. No tail.
NGC 3960Open Cluster88xFairly faint sparse open cluster. Has about 50 members and only stands out due to the field being not very rich.
NGC 3783Galaxy88xSmall compact galaxy, with a stellar core. Has a 10 mag star right next to it. Fairly easy to spot.
NGC 3749Galaxy88xA galactic pair with NGC3742. Similar in brightness, but NGC3749 is maginally more faint.
NGC 3742Galaxy88xA galactic pair with NGC3749. Similar in brightness, but NGC3749 is maginally more faint.
NGC 3706Galaxy88xCompact galaxy with an even brightness, perhaps a brightening of the core. Probably elliptical.
NGC 3918Planetary Nebula88xNice colourful view of the Blue Planetary. Nice low power view frames the PN well.
NGC 3699Planetary Nebula88xIrregular PN which is moderately bright. Warrents a higher power. In a starry field.
IC 2391Open Cluster88xToo big for the even the 22mm Nagler, field is covered with 8th Mag stars. Clearly naked eye.
Tr 10Open Cluster88xA gathering of about 50 stars brighter than 10th Mag. Scattered across the FOV.
NGC 2660Open Cluster88xRich open cluster. Compact and well resolved. Inside a triangle of 9th 10th and 11th Mag stars.
NGC 2626Bright Nebula88xA bright nebulous patch, similar in size to M78, observed earlier, but fainter. Has 4 stars involved within its boundry.
NGC 2547Open Cluster88xRich open cluster. Has 50 brighter members 9th/10th stars and about 25 fainter stars. Fills the FOV.
NGC 2546Open Cluster88xLarge open cluster that more the fill the FOV. 50 bright members, with a compact grouping in the N that works its way across the FOV to some brighter 9th Mag loosely associated stars.
IC 2395Open Cluster88xBright Jewel like Open cluster. Has 20 members brighter than 10th Mag. Visible naked eye. Not far from the Omnicon Velorum Cluster.
IC 2220Bright Nebula88xStar with nebulosity, the object is a good candidate for the narrowband filters. Quite compact, but there is more to see here. Must return for closer inspection.
NGC 1851Globular Cluster88xA bright, well resolved, globular cluster. Very condensed (Type 2) globular. 10 arcminutes in diameter.
M 79Globular Cluster88xBright Messier globular, in a sparse field. Not as rich or as nice as NGC1851 that I have just observed. Compact and with a strong condensation in the core.
NGC 2206Galaxy88xSmall compact galaxy, moderately faint with no real detail.
NGC 1979Galaxy88xSmall, round galaxy but not difficult. No real detail on note.
NGC 1964Galaxy88xSmall galaxy that shows not much different from a star. Very compact but bright. Overrated.

Argo performed very well. I did a 27 Star TPAS run, before it got dark.RMS fitted 5.3' raw 8.3, PSD 5.7, IE -5.5 +/- 1.1. Excellent pointing all around the compass and the uploaded catalog was nice to work through. Very easy.

There was a little bit of cloud around early, but this shuffled off and I had pretty much and un-interrupted. Nice views of some Open Clusters and it was good to catch up with some Southern Planetaries again. IC2220 was interesting and needs further observing.

Home at 11:00 PM.

Paul Kemp
13.1" f5 Reflector with Argo Navis
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --