Object Type Magnification Notes
NGC 2392Planetary Nebula98x 
NGC 2264Open Cluster98x 
NGC 2259Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2261Bright Nebula114x 
NGC 2245Bright Nebula114x 
NGC 2269Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2252Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2236Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2239Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2301Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2346Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2372Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2371Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2169Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2158Open Cluster114x 
M 35Open Cluster114x 
M 50Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2610Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2440Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2438Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2384Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2383Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2360Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2359Bright Nebula114x 
NGC 2353Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2207Galaxy114x 
NGC 2112Open Cluster114x 
M 48Open Cluster114x 
M 47Open Cluster114x 
M 46Open Cluster114x 
M 41Open Cluster114x 
IC 2165Planetary Nebula114x 
M 93Open Cluster114x 

Argo performed excellent. I conducted a TPAS run, of about 12 stars.

Did not log anything on the dictaphone, but I did log as I went as I had the laptop hooked up to the Argo Navis, so that Michelle could see where the scope was pointing as Iocated the objects.

M46 was nice and there were many PN on the list.

Enjoyed the evening at the scope, and hope to get out again soon.

Home before midnight.

Paul Kemp
13.1" f5 Reflector with Argo Navis
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --