Object Type Magnification Notes
NGC 1515 Galaxy 114xBright elongated oval galaxy (4:1), fairly easy, despite a bit less contrast in this part of the sky.
NGC 1313Galaxy114xA fairly diffuse face-on spiral galaxy with an irregular halo. Fairly easy but a bit difficult to define due to some high cloud and hazy reducing contrast. Has a hint of a spiral structure
NGC 6540Globular Cluster114xSmall diffuse globular cluster. Makes an equilateral triangle with two stars brighter than 11th Mag. Unresolved and fairly difficult.
NGC 6752Globular Cluster114xPavo Globular. Cloud is now disrupting the sky, so brighter objects are now the only things visible.
NGC 6302Planetary Nebula114xThe Box Planetary. High surface brightness is retangular in shape with an hourglass waist. Quite irregularity as well.
NGC 2074Bright Nebula114xLMC Observing. NGC2074 is an open cluster with a lot of nebulosity. Has about 10 bright members. Nebulosity is perdominant throughout this whole area.
NGC 2086Bright Nebula114xLMC Observing. Small patch of nebulosity near a 10th Mag star. Compact but easy.
NGC 2080Bright Nebula176xLMC Observing. NGC2080 is a double nebula with a distinct brighter end(NE) and a fainter more diffuse (SW) end. Easy and about 3 arcminutes (E) from a 10th Mag star in the middle of the FOV.
N 159Bright Nebula114xLMC Observing. Heinze 159. There is so much detail here, I will have to come back and log the individual patches of this object. It contains numerous NGC bright notches and needs careful observation.

Best logged under the N159 designation, as it has over 10 different components.

IC 2145Bright Nebula114xLMC Observing. Bright round patch of nebulosity to the E of a 10th Mag Star, and eastern most of the nebulosity in this region. Very easy.
SL 654Unknown114xLMC Observing. Bright cluster in the LMC, looks to have nebulosity attached to it, but it could be just the fact that it is very much unresolved. Confirm the presence of the nebulous patch N177 next time.
NGC 1566Galaxy176xFairly bright galaxy with a strong core with a hint of spiral structure. More contast would definately coax more detail out, especially at this power.
NGC 1515Galaxy176xEdge-on spiral with a strong core. About a 5:1 elongated oval.
NGC 7331Galaxy176xVery conspicious 3:1 oval galaxy, with strong core. Compact and very easy in the FOV. Long time since I have viewed this object.

Tried the Stephan's Quintet nearby, but there was not enough contrast to pull the galaxies out of the milky northern sky.

NGC 7217Galaxy176xSmall compact elliptical galaxy, not difficult, but not much detail. Herschel 400 Object observed for the first time.
NGC 752Open Cluster114xVery large and bright open cluster. Really needs less power and a rich field scope. Over 150 members, scattered and bright. Herschel 400 & Hartungs Object observed for the first time.
NGC 404Galaxy176xSmall round galaxy with a stellar nucleus. Very close to Beta Andromedae and could be very easily overlooked despite being not difficult. Herschel 400 & Hartungs Object observed for the first time.
NGC 7727Galaxy114xRound compact galaxy with a strong core. Possibly a face-on spiral. Moderately Easy. Herschel 400 Object observed for the first time.
NGC 604Bright Nebula114x NGC604 was easily identified. 604 is a small, round patch of nebulosity within M33. This object is worth a revisit to see if the other nebulous patches can be identified.
M 33Galaxy114xThe Pinwheel. Again to large for this aperture, but the nebulosity NGC604 was easily identified. This object is worth a revisit to see if the other nebulous patches can be identified.
K3Globular Cluster114xKron 3. This object is very small unresolved globular cluster, in the SMC. Not far from 47 Tucanae.
NGC 6684Galaxy114x A small oval galaxy in the same FOV as the bright star Theta Pavonis (6th Mag). Not difficult but again the brightness of Theta Pavonis reduces contrast, just as NGC404 observed earlier.

Nice to get out early and get the scope out before having a bit of a sit down.

New Quikfinder was used tonight and also I have completed the 12V wiring to the Dew Heaters and Argo Navis. Telescope performed well.

Caught up with the Heinze 159 region of the LMC and logged some new Hershel 400 objects. NGC1313 is a nice spiral and NGC7331 was good to catch up with after a long time.

Packed up and was on the road home by 11:15 PM.

Paul Kemp
13.1" f5 Reflector with Argo Navis
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --