Boomerang Nebula Bright Nebula 114x Small patch of nebulosity suggested by Dave Brock in the Crux region. Found using the Argo Navis and confirmed with Uranometria 2000 Second Edition. Looked at this object early so only moderate power was used. Not listed in Skymap Pro v11.
Sh2-3Bright Nebula114x Very diffuse milky region of the sky. Shows as a faint arc, more a brightening of the background field.
NGC 6242Open Cluster114xBright open cluster with about 80 members. About 12 arcmins in diameter. One bright orange star dominates the cluster.
NGC 6231Open Cluster114xBight open cluster in the tail of Scorpius. Has 12 to 15 bright members about 9th Mag, with perhaps 50 fainter members. Fairly loose but well associated.
NGC 6322Open Cluster114x Small open cluster inside an equilateral triangle of 8th Mag stars. About 30 members and five are probablt around 10th Mag.
NGC 6256Globular Cluster114xVery faint globular cluster, enhanced by adverted vision. Casually looking at the field you could easily overlook this globular. Compact and unresolved.
NGC 6624Globular Cluster176xFairly bright, compact globular cluster. Partially resolved with a strong core. Not far from Messier 69.
NGC 6445Planetary Nebula176xSmall, irregular PN. Nice pair with as the globular NGC6440.
NGC 6440Globular Cluster114xCompact globular. Not resoved at all. In the same field as NGC6445.
NGC 4337Open Cluster114xSmall faintish, compact open cluster. Has a small double star nearby.
IC 4499Globular Cluster176x Fairly faint, unresolved southern globular in Apus.
DUN 207Star114xPair of 10th Mag Orange stars. Equal brightness and about 10 arcsec apart.
NGC 5844Planetary Nebula176x Another look at NGC5844 with Jethro. Nice object...overlooked.
NGC 5307Planetary Nebula176x Small PN in Centaurus. Same size as the Blue Planetary at high power, without the colour.
NGC 3918Planetary Nebula176x Nice high power views of the Blue Planetary. A hint of irregularity.
NGC 6392Galaxy176x Compact, round galaxy with a condensed core. Fairly faint,
NGC 6101Globular Cluster176x Faint southern globular. Beginning to be resolved.
IC 4654Galaxy176xVery faint difficult galaxy in Apus.
NGC 7293Planetary Nebula114x First look at the Helix in a while. Easy at moderate power without the filters.
NGC 7009Planetary Nebula176x Saturn Nebula. Easy. Round and bright with Ansae visible.
NeptunePlanet176x A quick look at Neptune. I will have to come back here to see if I can spot Triton.
M 72Globular Cluster176x Messier globular cluster in Aquarius. Very compact and only partially resolved.

Everything worked very well, the Argo Navis pointed very well and the Feathertouch was a pleasure to use. Got familiar with the Tour and the Identify modes on the Argo Navis and just plodded around the sky, checking the pointing and finding some objects not seen for awhile. I did not log any of the regular bright objects, just obscure off the beaten track objects. Looked at a few objects in Apus.

I was very cold, possibly close to freezing. We just could not observe after midnight. Packed up and left Gary's just before 12:30am Frozen, we ended up at the nearby Burger King for some hot food. Stayed at the Motor camp (Cabin Pictured Below) and headed home on Saturday morning. Top night enjoyed myself immensely.

Paul Kemp
13.1" f5 Reflector with Argo Navis
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --