NGC 6072Planetary Nebula176x Fairly large and bright Planetary Nebula. Round with a bit of irregularly noted.
NGC 5979Planetary Nebula176xSmall round southern planetary. Hint of annularity and a definate central star. Still very small at the higher power.
NGC 5844Planetary Nebula176xIrregular planetary nebula in Triangulum Australae. Easily defined and has an odd shape, a bit like the old inground pool, between a kidney bean and an peanut shell. Nice and contrasty.
NGC 3201Globular Cluster176xNice southern globular. Sharp and well framed at higher power. Another excellent example on how an object can look more impressive at greater magnification.
NGC 3132Planetary Nebula176x Nice views of the Eight Burst tonight. Multiple shells and a prominent central star.
NGC 2822Galaxy176x Small galaxy in the same FOV as Miaplacidus. Non descript, but bright and noticable.
NGC 2808Globular Cluster176xNice southern globular with excellent resolution at this power. Observing at this power makes this globulars reminisient of M22. Nicely framed.
NGC 2442Galaxy176xNGC2442 detail is not enhanced by this amount of power and from a semi-rural sky. Not enough contrast to detect any irregularity in the shape.
M 22Globular Cluster176x Had another look at M22 tonight, at higher power. Nicely framed in this eyepiece.
JupiterPlanet176x Seeing much better than Waharau, 11mm Nagler holding up quite well. Detail is subtle and could be helped by filters. No Red Spot and a Shadow Transit finished as I started to setup.

Not much to see tonight, cloud was an ever present problem. Wind was not a problem and the seeing was much improved over Waharau, which allowed a higher power to be employed and nice views of Jupiter to be enjoyed.

Palm was spot on tonight…flat ground, I reckon. Not supposed to make a difference, but I think it does somehow.

Had some high powered looks at two overlooked southern globulars; NGC3201 & NGC2808. Very nice. Some planetaries were also recorded.

Cloud was pretty thick from about 8:50 PM and I called it quits at 9:15 PM.

Home by 10 PM. 3 out of 4 nights in a row at the telescope, awhile since this has happened.

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --