NGC 2174Bright Nebula114xSmall knot of nebulosity just to the W of a 7th Mag star. Not large just like a nebulous star. Object grows if adverted vision employed. Far smaller than most pictures depict.
Cr 89Open Cluster114xLarge grouping of stars, 5 bright stars (7th Mag) and probably as many fainter. More a group than a cluster.
M 35Open Cluster114xMessier open cluster. A mass of evenly bright stars, about 200 members, however there is a bright orange star to the N of the cluster.
NGC 2163Bright Nebula114xSmall nebulous patch with no detail, just grows with adverted vision.
NGC 2158Open Cluster114xPartially resolved open cluster at this power, compact and dense impossible to determine number of stars. However all are even in brightness. Cluster just to the W of M35.
IC 2157Open Cluster114xSmall grouping of 15 stars, 6 brigher stars (12th Mag), the remainder are hard to distinguish from the background field stars.
NGC 2169Open Cluster114xCompact and bright open cluster of about 20 stars with about 8 brighter stars (Mag 9). In two distinct parts E/W. The eastern part has 6 stars. Quite stunning.
NGC 2342Galaxy114xA galactic pair. Both similar of brightness. NGC2342 is slightly larger. Small 12th mag star just to the W.
NGC 2341Galaxy114xA galactic pair. Both similar of brightness. NGC2341 is slightly smaller. Small 12th mag star just to the W.
NGC 2339Galaxy114xRound diffuse galaxy, even in brightness. In a moderately starry field.
NGC 2264Open Cluster88xChristmas Tree Cluster with Cone Nebula. Open cluster has about 40 members with 15 strikingly blue/white between 7th and 10th Mag. Cone nebula is visible as faint nebulosity that extends half a degree to the S. Nebulosity is very faint but descernable. Remarkable
NGC 2024Bright Nebula114xFlame Nebula. Large and suprisingly detailed nebulosity about 20 arcminutes to the E of Alnitak (Leftmost Belt star). Dark lane clearly visible. Object was very easy to spot.
NGC 2023Bright Nebula114xSmall patch of nebulosity around a 8th Mag star, near the Horsehead. Herschel II Object.
M 78Bright Nebula114xSmall Messier nebulous patch with smaller nebulous patches nearby. Fairly bright.
B 33Dark Nebula114xHorsehead Nebula. Never spotted before, however still not easy from rural skies. The Horsehead appeared as a dark notch directly below (S) of the middle star of a line of three (8th Mag) stars. Took my time to dark adapt fully and blocked out all stray light.
NGC 2251Open Cluster114xSmall open cluster wth two branches. 6 brighter stars on the western side and 6 on the eastern side, probably 25 stars all up.
NGC 2246Bright Nebula114xPart of the Rosette Nebula. Eastern edge of nebula is quite faint and tenuous here.
NGC 2239Open Cluster114xBright open cluster in th middle of the Rosette. 8 bright (8th Mag) stars and about 80 odd fainter stars. Bright orange star (12 Mon) on the SE edge. Extensive nebulosity in this region, especially to the NW.
NGC 2238Bright Nebula114xLargest and brightest part of the ring of Rosette Nebula. Almost half a degree wide on this side.
NGC 2392Planetary Nebula114xEskimo Nebula. Bright PN with irregularity. No detail logged at this power.

Telescope again performed well, with no major issues. setup during dusk and collimated the telescope and actually re-engaged a collimation bolt that had untreaded itself.

Worked the western side of the area planned with good success.

Spotted the Horsehead for the first time through the 13". The Rosette and NGC 2264 region took some time and observed some objects in this region for the first time in a long time and some objects for the first time. The contrast of M35 and NGC 2158 is also very nice.

Packed up and inside just after midnight.

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --