NGC 488Galaxy114xSmall Oval galaxy with a stellar core and a defined halo. Definately a face-on spiral. Galaxy appears to double in size with adverted vision. Stitting above a line of three 11th or 12th Mag stars.
NGC 524Galaxy176xSmall galaxy with a condensed core, with a defined halo with adverted vision. Possibly a face-on spiral.
NGC 972Galaxy114xSmall compact oval galaxy with condensation in the core. Slightly more oval than round.
NGC 24Galaxy114xFairly bright oval (3:1) galaxy just to the E of a 12th Mag star, no core or detail note, perhaps a small amount of mottling.
NGC 7793Galaxy114xLarge bright spiral galaxy. Very defined halo with mottling in the outer two-thirds of the galaxy. 7793 has a condensed core and is more oval than round.
NGC 134Galaxy114xBright edge-on galaxy (5:1) with a companion galaxy (NGC131). No apparent detail or core.
NGC 131Galaxy114xSmall, slightly oval, compact galaxy near the brighter and larger NGC131. No apparent detail or core.
NGC 55Galaxy114xLarge bright oval (5:1) galaxy with significant irregularity and mottling within the halo. Significant brightening toward the western end of the galaxy. NGC55 crosses 3/4 of the FOV making it about 30 arcminutes across. Most impressive, especally with a contrasty sky.
NGC 300Galaxy114xRound spiral galaxy. Bright but diffuse, with a hint of detail. More oval than round, NGC300 is about 20 arcminutes across.
NGC 613Galaxy114xSmall galaxy with a stellar core. Very close to two 10th mag stars on the NE side of the galaxy.
NGC 578Galaxy114xSmall oval (2:1) galaxy with a hint of a core. Adverted vision makes the object appear larger, so the halo is quite faint.
NGC 1172Galaxy114xSmall galaxy with a stellar core. Compact with a high surface brightness. Very close to a 10th mag star.
NGC 1232Galaxy114xBright, Large and round galaxy with a bright core. Hint of detail in the halo which suggests it is a face-on spiral.
NGC 1332Galaxy114xA bright edge-on (5:1) galaxy with a bright core. A dark lane was noted, but does not appear on object photo.
NGC 1421Galaxy114xSmall, oval (4:1) galaxy with a even brightness with a hint of mottling. Has a 'L' shaped asterism just to the N.
NGC 1964Galaxy176xSmall galaxy with a very high surface brightness. Could be mistaken for a star. No detail noted.
NGC 1535Planetary Nebula114xRound with a very visible central star. Irregular with a double shell, inner shell is a ring. PN very noticable with a adverted vision.
M 79Globular Cluster176xBright Messier globular, compact and with a core (Type 4). About 5 arcminutes across.
NGC 1559Galaxy176xBright but fairly small oval galaxy that looks like a tear drop at first glance. Mottling noted. Has a star involved in the SW end.
NGC 1672Galaxy176xFairly bright galaxy that is slightly more oval than round. Has a strong core, and has significant detail noted in the halo, suggesting large spiral arms.
NGC 1313Galaxy176xLarge round galaxy with a mottly halo. Moderately bright but diffuse in nature.
NGC 1574Galaxy176xSmall compact galaxy with a high surface brightness. Has a 10th mag star right next to the SE end.
NGC 1566Galaxy176xLarge bright galaxy, more oval than round. Hint of a bar with a strong core. Arms curve away anticlockwise to the N and S. Very similar to NGC1365. Two bright stars (9th and 10th mag) are just to the W of NGC1566.
NGC 1553Galaxy176xBright galactic elliptical pair in Dorado. NGC1553 is bright and oval and even in brightness. Slightly brighter and oval than the nearby NGC1549.
NGC 1549Galaxy176xBright galactic elliptical pair in Dorado. NGC1549 is bright and round and even in brightness. Slightly less bright than the nearby NGC1553.
NGC 1546Galaxy176xSmall faint galaxy with not much detail and even in brightness. Has 3 stars nearby to the SW that look like a traffic light (No Green!!).
NGC 1261Globular Cluster176xBright southern globular, fairly loose (Type 8), well resolved at the higher power.
NGC 1851Globular Cluster176xLarge bright southern globular, well resolved. Very condensed (Type 2) and about 10 arcminutes across.
M 1Supernova Remnant176xThe Crab is distinctly irregular at this power. Still very much like a large oval galaxy with an even brightness, however the edge of the halo is very irregular.
NGC 1437BGalaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1436Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1428Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1427Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1419Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1404Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1399Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1396Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1389Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1387Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1386Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1382Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1381Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1380AGalaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1380Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1379Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1375Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1374Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1373Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
NGC 1365Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
IC 335Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.
ESO 358-63Galaxy176xFornax Galaxy Cluster Hunt.

No problems of note with the telescope. Dictaphone ran out of room so no descriptive work was conducted after midnight.

Just on 50 objects logged, which is an excellent effort. Some of the southern galaxies in the Dorado region were very well defined and contrasty. A full log of the Fornax - Eridanus region was conducted.

Had a good look at planetary nebulae NGC1514, NGC1360 and NGC246 . Nice detail using the OIII and UHC filters.

Safely inside the sleeping bag by 1:30 AM. Home by 7:30 AM

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
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