NGC 6934Globular Cluster114xEasy globular cluster. Partially resolved, no real core. Possibly a Type 6. Bright 10th Mag star juston the W edge of the globular.
NGC 6891Planetary Nebula114xBright, non stellar PN. When you look at the nebula directly it disappears till you can see a central star. When adverted vision is employed the PN swells back to a disk. When viewed as a disk, the nebula appears as bright as two nearby 10th mag stars.
M 27Planetary Nebula114xDumbell Nebula. Not as contrasty as usual due to the setting moon and some high haze. Still one of the best objects there is.
M 71Globular Cluster114xMessier globular cluster, partially resolved and very loose, possibly type 11. Nebulous in nature due to the unresolved stars. In a very starry field.
NGC 7006Globular Cluster114xModerately faint globular. Very condensed and small (Type 3) in a sparse field.
M 15Globular Cluster114xLarge Messier globular cluster, well resolved and bright. Type 4 with a small core.
NGC 6326Planetary Nebula114xPN in Ara, fairly bright and round.
Shapley 3Planetary Nebula114xSmall PN fairly difficult, possibly has a bright central star. Tucked inside a 'T' shaped asterism.
NGC 6541Globular Cluster114xVery resolved golular in Corona Australis. Compact core with a sparse outer halo.
NGC 6496Globular Cluster114xGlobular cluster bang on the Corona Australis / Scorpius border. Looks nebulous, more of a milky open cluster. Has 8 brighter members otherwise, unresolved.
NGC 6388Globular Cluster114xBright compact globular, partially resolved. Very condensed core, possibly Type 2.
NGC 6352Globular Cluster114xGlobular cluster in Ara, Large and very loose, possibly Type 9 or 10. Completely opposite in nature to NGC 6388 4 degrees to the NE, which I have just observed.
NGC 6397Globular Cluster114xAra Globular. While in the area, just had a look at this very large and bright globular.
B263Dark Nebula114xDark nebula in the 'Stinger' of Scorpius. Not difficult. About 30 arc minutes in diameter.
NGC 6322Open Cluster114xSmall open cluster with about 15 to 20 members. Superimposed onto a eqilateral triangle of star which are of equal brightness (8th Mag).
B 87Dark Nebula114xParrot's Head. With the contrast not so good tonight, the dark nebula is not as defined. Still visible.
B 90Dark Nebula114xDark nebula in Sagittarius, not difficult but better skies would make definition easier.
NGC 6520Open Cluster114xOen cluster next to the Ink Spot. Compact and very bright. Has about 50 members.
B 86Dark Nebula114xThe Ink Spot. Unobserved for over 3 years. Not super contrasty due to conditions. Nice pair with NGC 6520.
NGC 6451Open Cluster114xSmall open cluster on the Scorpius / Sagittarius border. About 30 members of even brightness.
NGC 6563Planetary Nebula114xRound, bright PN about the same size as Jupiter. Very even in brightness. No central star noted. In a starry field.
M 17Bright Nebula114xA quick look at the Swan Nebula. Contrast is down tonight but still a good view.
M 18Open Cluster114xBright large Messier open cluster with about 25 Members, with 10 stars being around 11th mag.
NGC 6603Open Cluster114x

Small Open Cluster inside M24. In the NE corner of the Small Sagittarius Starcloud. Extremely starry field.

NGC 6567Planetary Nebula114xSmall PN inside the M24 Small Sagittarius Star Cloud. Non stellar and is at the vertex of two lines of stars that meet inside a pentagon. This object has eluded me for years. No detail within the PN.
M 24Open Cluster114xSmall Sagittarius Star Cloud. Very starry object.
B 93Dark Nebula114xSmall Barnard dark nebula on the NW edge of M24. Nice pair with Barnard 92.
B 92Dark Nebula114xSmall Barnard dark nebula on the NW edge of M24. Nice pair with Barnard 93
NGC 6752Globular Cluster114x A quick look at the Pavo globular while in the area. Nicely resolved and beautiful.
NGC 6744Galaxy114xThe Pavo Galaxy. No real contrast tonight, just the nucleus visible due to conditions.
M 16Open Cluster114xMessier Open Cluster with nebulosity. About 15 stars brighter than 12th Mag superimposed on milky nebulosity in this star forming region. Over-rated. Pehaps if I spent time trying to see the Pillars maybe this object would improve on me.
NGC 6725Galaxy114xSmall unremarkable glaxay not far from the Pavo Globular. No real detail.
IC 4797Galaxy114xSmall IC galaxy near the Pavo Globular. No detail noted other than it being very small.
Pal 8Globular Cluster114xSmall galactic looking globular. Small with no real detail, it completes a rectangle of 12th Mag stars.
IC 4776Planetary Nebula114xSmall IC Planetary. Non Stellar about 15 arc seconds. Looking directly at the PN the PN looks stellar but green, look away and the PN bloats out and looses it's colour. Remarkable.
IC 1297Planetary Nebula114xSmall IC Planetary Nebula on the Corona Australis / Sagittarius border. Round about 25" across and even in brightness.
NGC 6723Globular Cluster114xCorona Australis Glob. Bright and well resolved. No core as such but not lose. Possibly Type 7. Observed most of the globulars in this region so why not the brightest.
NGC 6870Galaxy114xVery faint galaxy with no detail, in the same field as the brighter NGC6868.
NGC 6868Galaxy114x Faint and small galaxy, slightly elongated oval with a bright nucleus. Nice pair with the fainter nearby NGC 6870.


No major issues with equipment tonight, and the setting circles proved to work well again. Three southern alignemnt stars were added to the ASCOM platform so southern observing should be more accurate with Skymap Pro now.

Dew was a major tonight, my Dew heaters performed well but did not stop the secondary mirror from dewing over. We all had problems with this including Dave in the Dome. The dew was 'due' (excuse the pun) to some localised mist. There was quite a bit of mist on the road back to Kumeu on the way out. With the mist and moon, the best observing regions were to the West.

Started off attempting a few objects in the October JOG list but the milkiness of the sky in the NE made observing in that direction no worth it.

A nice amount of objects seen tonight, with perhaps the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud region being the most enjoyable. Some of the Planetary Nebulae observed were nice and a good look at the globular clusters on the southern side of Sagittarius and Scorpius were very good to catch up with again. Caught up with a few Barnard Dark Nebulae dispite the low contrast due to mist or haze.

M24 Region

Nice to get out again. Probably the last in awhile.

Home by 11:45 PM.

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
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