NGC 6572Planetary Nebula98xRemakable PN, bright and green in colour. Makes a isocles triangle with two yellow stars to the east. Non stellar.
NGC 6426Globular Cluster98xVery faint globular cluster, not resolved. Adverted vision makes the cluster easier to spot.
IC 4665Open Cluster98xLarge bright open cluster, too large for the FOV of this telescope. Ideal object for a RF telescope.
NGC 6631Open Cluster98xSmall open cluster, two levels of brightness. Has 10 members that brighter and then 30 to 40 stars in the background, almost part of the starry backgound field. There is a bright yellow (12th Mag) star on the NW edge. Cluster actually fits into a rombus shape of 12th Mag stars.
NGC 6568Open Cluster98xVery large open cluster, nearly filling the FOV of the 17mm Nagler. Over 200 members, and has a bright star (6th Mag) on the eastern edge. Has a C shaped asterism embedded inside the cluster.
NGC 6644Planetary Nebula98xFaint planetary which makes a triangle with two 8th mag stars. Small and comparably bright with a nearby 13th mag star. Brighter than the star with adverted vision and non stellar.
NGC 6638Globular Cluster98xLoose globular cluster, moderately bright and partially resolved. Possibly type 8, definately no core.
M 55Globular Cluster98xMessier globular cluster. Very large and loose (type 10) globuar cluster. Fills the FOV and is very even in brightness.
NGC 5822Open Cluster98xVery large bright open cluster with perhaps 250 stars. Loose but very well populated.
NGC 5844Planetary Nebula98xPN in Triangulum Australe less than a degree from the Circinus border. Large and well defined, no central star noted.
NGC 5927Globular Cluster98xModerately faint globular cluster on the Norma / Lupus border. Small and probably about type 8.
NGC 5979Planetary Nebula98xEasy PN, small and round. No other features of note, maybe higher power would help.
NGC 5946Globular Cluster98xFaint, small, globular with an even brightness. A star is involved on the SW edge of the globular. Possibly type 9.
NGC 5999Open Cluster98xOpen cluster with about 50 members. Very even in brightness, compact and sparse.
NGC 5882Planetary Nebula98xSmall round planetary nebula. Very colourful being green, very planet like. A bright orange star (8th Mag) SE of the nebula.

A few issues tonight with eyepieces that were not clean, some bright stars looked terrible but nothing a good clean won't fix. The 17mm Nagler was the best so I used this without the Paracorr. DSCs worked well again tonight.

A good amount of observing was done, despite the cloud coming through at 8PM for 20 minutes and then from 9:30 onwards. At one point I was packing up at 8:15PM, but held out for another hour once the skies cleared again.

A couple of green looking PNs tonight. NGC 5882 and NGC 6572. Good exponents of colour in deep sky objects. Both objects could have done with more power.

Home by 10:30 PM.

Photo of Dob while Alan and Dave were setting up

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --