M 3Globular Cluster176xMessier Glob low in the North West. Not logged for some time so observed in the twilight before it disappeared.
M 53Globular Cluster176xMessier Glob in the Northwest. Not enough contrast to resolve.
M 70Globular Cluster176xOne of three Messier globular clusters along the southern edge of the Teapot Asterism. Well resolved, has a distinct core (Type 4 or 5). Bright star in the halo on the S edge, and on the NE side the are two 8th mag stars.
M 54Globular Cluster176xOne of three Messier globular clusters along the southern edge of the Teapot Asterism. Smaller than nearby M70, but very similar has a distinct core (Type 4 or 5). Not as easy to resolve as M70.
M 69Globular Cluster176xOne of three Messier globular clusters along the southern edge of the Teapot Asterism. Largest of the 3, even in brightness with no core. Easy to resolve.
M 75Globular Cluster176xSmall compact Messier Globular, contrast reduced in the glow of the city.
M 83Galaxy176x M83 at high power. Small core but large a large halo with anticlockwise arms. Spiral arms are not easy but with some study they can be identified. Fills a good portion of the FOV.
M 68Globular Cluster176xLarge Messier globular. Sparse and large for a glob (Type 10). Well resolved. Fills a good portion of the half degree FOV.
NGC 6229Globular Cluster176xVery low gobular in the North, 5 degrees above the horizon. No detail, but globular makes an equilaterial triangle with two 8th Mag stars. Same declination N as M51, so M51 is possible from Kumeu. Herschel 400 Object.
NGC 6210Planetary Nebula176xVery conspicious bright PN with round disc, about 20" wide. Blue/Green in colour.
NGC 6181Galaxy176xFaint oval galaxy with an even brightness. Herschel Second 400 Object.
IC 4593Planetary Nebula176xSmall PN with a bright central star. Looks stellar at first glance but has a halo and which is very defined with the UHC filter.
NGC 5970Galaxy176xFairly faint oval galaxy, possibly a face on spiral. No real detail of note. Herschel Second 400 Object.
NGC 5921Galaxy176xGalaxy with a stellar looking core. No defined halo. Has two 9th mag stars to the S.
NGC 5813Galaxy176xModerately bright oval galaxy with no detail, even in brightness.
NGC 5806Galaxy176xSmall elongated oval galaxy with an even brightness. No detail noted. Herschel Second 400 Object.
NGC 6549Galaxy176xFaint elongated oval galaxy. No real detail. Forms a pair with NGC 6549 4' NE.
NGC 6548Galaxy176xModerately faint galaxy. Round with no real detail. Forms a pair with NGC 6549 4' SW. Herschel Second 400 Object.
NGC 6482Galaxy176x Small galaxy, with a bright stellar nucleus. Forms the equalaterial triangle with two mag 10 stars. Very starry field.
NGC 6384Galaxy176xOval galaxy, faint with a brightening twords the core. No defined halo.
NGC 5791Galaxy176xSmall oval galaxy with an even brightness. Fairly bright and on the edge of an area devoid of stars. Herschel Second 400 Object.
NGC 5824Globular Cluster98xSmall globular cluster partially resolved with a small core. Object near to the point where Hydra, Centaurus, Lupus & Libra meet.
M 71Globular Cluster98xSmall, bright, Messier Globular cluster. Very loose cluster, must be a Type 10, in a very starry field.
M 57Planetary Nebula98xThe ring. Contrasty view tonight, ring very apparent even at this lower power.
M 56Globular Cluster98xSmall Messer globular, partially resolved, no apparent core so perhaps a Type 9 or 10 glob. Starry field.
M 29Open Cluster98xUnremarkable Messier OC. Large and loose with about 30 members and 15 are bright and even in brightness (mag 8 or 9).
M 27Planetary Nebula98xNice views of the Dumbell tonight. Contrasty with extra nebulosity noted beyond the apple core shape.
M 30Globular Cluster98xBright Messier Globular. Compact cluster with a small core. Possibly Type 6. Partially resolved.
NGC 6067Open Cluster98xBright open cluster with about 100 members. It has a kite asterism buried within. The top and right stars are orange and have the same brightness. The bottom of the kite is a double star. Very nice object in a starry field.
M 15Globular Cluster98xBeautiful Messier globular cluster. Bright, large and well resolved, with a bright core. Possibly Type 4.

Higher power was easily achievable and some nice views were obtained.

The DSC's worked well and my new Uranometrias worked in well with the Palm. This will be the configuration that is used more often due to the ease of use. I am continuing with my more descriptive observations as they are making me take in more about each object.

Some very interesting objects of note tonight. Two PN in Hercules NGC 6210 & IC 4593. Also NGC 6229 very low down, confirming that on a good night M51 and M106 should be visible from Kumeu.

Home by 11 PM.

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