B 85Dark Nebula114xDark lanes within the Trifid very easy and contrasty.
M 10Globular Cluster114xMessier glob not seen in a while. Slightly more condesation and similar in size to the nearby M10 Messier glob but with fainter stars. Well resolved.
M 107Globular Cluster114xFaintest of the Messier Globs in Ophiuchus. Still bright but not fully resolved at this power. Even brightness with no apparent core. M107 appears to be embedded in an arrow asterism made up by 11th and 12th magnitude stars.
M 12Globular Cluster114xBright Messier Glob in Ophiuchus.Bright and well resolved and possibly a Type 9 with a very loose core. 4 or 5 10th Mag stars involved in this glob.
M 17Bright Nebula114xSwan Nebula. Contrasty with dark nebula clearly visible in the western end. Faint nebulosity seen beyond the '2' shape in the eastern end of the complex.
M 20Bright Nebula114xContrasty tonight with a recently coated primary mirror. Dark lanes clear and reflection nebulosity easy. Showpiece object that has not seen for over a year.
M 4Globular Cluster114xAnother Messier Showpiece object that has not seen for over a year. High in Dobs Hole.
M 5Globular Cluster114xMessier Glob not logged for some years. Large and bright with a condensed core, 47 Tuc like but with looser core. Possibly type 5 or 6 Glob.
M 6Open Cluster114xM6 is well framed in the 22mm Nagler. Nice starry field.
M 7Open Cluster88xM7 Messier Open Cluster. Too large for the FOV of the 22mm Nagler.
M 8Bright Nebula114xLagoon Nebula and Open cluster. Showpiece object that has not seen for over a year.
NGC 4945Galaxy114xNice contrast on NGC4945, some mottling noted,
NGC 5128Galaxy114xCentarus A. Needs more power but the contrast is excellent. Dark lane prominent.
NGC 5139Globular Cluster114xOmega Centauri. Logged for completeness. Very bright and loose. Type 9 perhaps?
NGC 6530Open Cluster114xLagoon Open Cluster. 30 plus stars that are brighter than 10th Mag. All similar in brightness.
B 64Dark Nebula114xDark nebula very conspiciuos in the same field as M9. Stands out in a starry field.
B259Dark Nebula114x Dark Nebula just in the FOV of the 22mm Nagler and M9. Clearly noticable around a white 7th Mag star.
M 14Globular Cluster114xM14 is very similar in appearance to the much higher M107. Loose and partially resolved with an even brightness.
M 19Globular Cluster114xOne of the brighter Messier globulars in Ophiuchus. Bright and well resolved. Fairly loose (about class 8), similar to most of the globulars in Ophiuchus.
M 23Open Cluster114xMessier open cluster. Even in brightness and over half a degree about 100 10th and 11th mag stars.
M 62Globular Cluster114xMessier Globular on the Scorpius / Ophiuchus border. Nice and high and now that we are in Scorpius, this globular is now different than all of the recently observed Messier globs. Large and bright, with a defined noticable core. Type 3 or 4 class of Glob.
M 80Globular Cluster114xCompact and small Messier glob. Very condensed core. Needs more power to be resolved better.
M 9Globular Cluster114xCompact Messier globular very similar to the already observed M107 & M14. Small and loose but brighter than the previous two globulars. Partially resolved in a starry field next to the dark nebula Barnard 64.
IC 5148Planetary Nebula114x The Grus Planetary. Round and faint at this power with no detail. This planetary is more difficult than I remember. Needs a filter to bring out ring shape.
M 22Globular Cluster114xLargest and brightest globular in the region. Even in brightness and loose with not much of a core possibly a type 8 globular. Resolved very well. Showpiece object
M 28Globular Cluster114xCompact bright Messier globular cluster in Sagittarius. Resolved in the halo but closer in the core gets quite compact. Very similar to the Messier glob M62 in Scorpius.
M 72Globular Cluster114xOverlooked Messier globular cluster in Aquarius. Small and partially resolved. Needs power. No apparent core, just small. One of the faintest globulars seen tonight.
M 73Open Cluster114xMessier asterism. Four 11th and 12th mag stars very close to each other. Not seen for some time.
NGC 7009Planetary Nebula114xSaturn Nebula. Easy to spot in a lackluster field. Ansae visible. Needed more power than 114x and one of the last objects seen tonight. Need to come back here for a good look sooner rather than later.
NGC 7293Planetary Nebula114xQuick look at the Helix without filters. Easy to see in the field even without filters. No real detail just a ghostly haze.
NGC 7582Galaxy114xGrus Triplet. Not logged for a long time but definately seen since the last observation.

Moderately bright elongated oval (3:1) very small amount of brightening towards the core. Large with not much detail. Runs just E of N-S unlike the other two galaxies nearby.

NGC 7590Galaxy114xGrus Triplet. Not logged for a long time but definately seen since the last observation.

Moderately bright oval (2:1), brightest and smallest of the three. Compact with not much detail. Runs NE-SW like the it's close pair NGC7599 nearby. The is a bright star involved on the NE side of this galaxy.

NGC 7599Galaxy114xGrus Triplet. Not logged for a long time but definately seen since the last observation.

Moderately bright oval (3:1), faintest and most difficult to see of the three, with a similar size to NGC7582. Not much detail just an even brightness. Runs NE-SW like the it's close pair NGC7590 nearby.

M 13Globular Cluster114xThe 'Great' Hercules Globular. Low in the north, large and partially resolved. Small core that evenly spreads to the edge of the cluster. Not the best views due to the seeing being a lot worse down this low.
M 2Globular Cluster114xLarge bright Messier globular cluster. Bright core (Type 3 perhaps) and resolved well to the core. Needs a higher power and higher altitude. Need to come back and do M15 at the same time at higher powers.

Pakm worked well and was accurate all night.

We listened to the All Black beat South Africa in the Tri Nations after a poor start, while observing. We provide a score service to those within ear shot.

No interesting points tonight but it was great to get out under dark skies. In the process of trying to log more detail in my observations such as Glob type, Open Cluster members and features, although most galaxies will be even in brightness and pretty faint.

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --