eta CarinaeStar114x 
M 105Galaxy114x 
M 41Open Cluster114x 
M 46Open Cluster114x 
M 47Open Cluster114x 
M 48Open Cluster114x 
M 79Globular Cluster114x 
M 93Open Cluster114x 
M 95Galaxy114x 
M 96Galaxy114x 
Mel 66Open Cluster114x 
Mel 71Open Cluster114x 
NGC 104Globular Cluster114x 
NGC 1964Galaxy114x 
NGC 2070Bright Nebula114x 
NGC 2207Galaxy114x 
NGC 2217Galaxy114x 
NGC 2293Galaxy114x 
NGC 2293Galaxy114x 
NGC 2295Galaxy114x 
NGC 2298Globular Cluster114x 
NGC 2359Bright Nebula114x 
NGC 2362Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2438Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2440Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2451Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2477Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2539Open Cluster114x 
NGC 2555Galaxy114x 
NGC 2610Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 2613Galaxy114x 
NGC 2683Galaxy114x 
NGC 2775Galaxy114x 
NGC 2784Galaxy114x 
NGC 2808Globular Cluster114x 
NGC 2835Galaxy114x 
NGC 2903Galaxy114x 
NGC 2916Galaxy114x 
NGC 2992Galaxy114x 
NGC 2997Galaxy114x 
NGC 3055Galaxy114x 
NGC 3098Galaxy114x 
NGC 3109Galaxy114x 
NGC 3115Galaxy114x 
NGC 3132Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 3166Galaxy114x 
NGC 3195Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 3201Globular Cluster114x 
NGC 3242Planetary Nebula114x 
NGC 3293Open Cluster114x 
NGC 3309Galaxy114x 
NGC 3338Galaxy114x 
NGC 3371Galaxy114x 
NGC 3372Bright Nebula114x 
NGC 3377Galaxy114x 
NGC 3412Galaxy114x 
NGC 3532Open Cluster114x 
NGC 4038Galaxy114x 
NGC 4039Galaxy114x 
NGC 4755Open Cluster114x 
NGC 4945Galaxy114x 
NGC 5139Globular Cluster114x 
NGC 5189Planetary Nebula114x 

Stuck with the one eyepiece tonight to speed the observing along. The computer was quite accurate, but a little off towards the end of the night, possibly due to the lack of Southern Hemisphere alignment stars.

No descriptive logging conducted, just out looking in general tonight.

Lots of bright objects tonight, spent a good hour observing with Michelle and finished not too late so as to not wear myself out. Throughly enjoyed being out.

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --