Object Type Magnification Notes
NGC 2539 Open Cluster 114x An rich open cluster with stars of very even brightness. About 100 members of about 12th mag. About 7 degrees to the E of M46.
NGC 2555 Galaxy 114x Faint galaxy with no real detail. A couple of stars involved in the halo. Interesting view despite not mush detail.
NGC 2610 Planetary Nebula 114x A moderately large planetary nebula with a mag 12 star is embedded on the NE edge. Gave the impression of a wedding ring. Almost round no central star or annularity noted.
NGC 2775 Galaxy 114x Fairly bright oval galaxy. Fine halo and a stellar core, look elliptical but in fact it is a spiral.
NGC 2903 Galaxy 114x Very bright and large galaxy with a mottled appearence, therefore must be a spiral. Oval in shape. Immpressive not Messier galaxy.
NGC 3055 Galaxy 114x Faintish oval galaxy with a brightening to the eastern end. Unusual. Stubby fain version of NGC55.
Sextans B Galaxy 114x Very faint galaxy only detected by moving the eyepiece slide to side and detecting the brightening. Needs observation from a darker sky.
Abell 33 Planetary Nebula 114x Very faint planetary. Large and round the nebula was just visible without a filter. The OIII was most effective at showing the form. Appears big round glow with a bright star in the southern edge. The nebula also appeared to have a slightly darker center. Reminded me of a blood cell.

I did observe other objects but just general objects such as Omega Cen and 47 Tuc. I also went over the objects that I had seen on Monday with the Palm.

Saturn was steady and at 200x + looked very sharp despite the collamation being slightly out on the dob.

The DSCs ran out of puff during the night as well, so I had to change the 9 volt battery and realign. No other hassles.

Another good night at Kumeu with good weather predicted in coming days. We will see what happens.

Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
-- The Southern Sentinel --