NGC 5927Globular Cluster88xA small comet looking globular cluster in a profusely starry field. Easy in the finder.
NGC 5946Globular Cluster88xSmall unresolved globular cluster not detected in the finder. Again in a very starry field.
Shapley 1Planetary Nebula88xThe ring shape of Shapley 1 is not difficult with the UHC or the OIII filters. The OIII is the better filter tonight for this object. Hard to confirm definate location tonight with out the Lumicon filters though.
NGC 5882Planetary Nebula114x Small round planetary nebula. Green in shade and conspicuous. UHC filter kills the colour but makes the PN very bright compared to nearby stars.
NGC 5986Globular Cluster114xLarge bright globular cluster filling just under a third of the FOV. The globular is partially resolved but has a milky nature deep inside making the globular look fantastic. There is a single bright star in the halo of the globular and three stars in an L shape superimposed on the glob.
NGC 5873Planetary Nebula114x Stellar planetary with no real detail. Reacts strongly to the Lumicon filters.
PlutoPlanet114xPluto not difficult to find tonight. The star 2' to the south looks brighter at 13.7 and is visible all the time, Pluto does come and go at this power and is listed a 13.8. Pluto is probably fainter than this figure.
NGC 6072Planetary Nebula114xA nice round planetary. Large and diffuse, no central star noted. Easy with or without filters, however the filters boost the PN's contrast significantly. An overlooked southern beauty.
NGC 6231Open Cluster114xFantasticly bright open cluster. Equally as good with the finder this objects has not actually been logged for some time. This cluster has over 30 stars brighter than 11th Mag and has one yellow star unlike the others. Associated nebulosity was noted. UHC filter confirms this nebulosity.
IC 4628Bright Nebula114xA very faint nebulous region near the 'Table of Scorpius'. The Sirius CE filter performed better here than the Lumicon filters and proved a asset in detecting the subtle nebula. The UHC did nothing to enhance this object, suggesting reflection nebulosity, which I believe is not correct. 10 stars brigher than 9th Mag involved.
B 48Dark Nebula114xA dark nebula near the 'Table of Scorpius'. A large darkening of the field. Noticable when the scope is moving. The nebula is just detectible through the finder.
NGC 6259Open Cluster88x A large sparse open cluster with equally bright stars, possibly all about 13th Mag. In the same FOV as the compact open cluster NGC 6249.
NGC 6250Open Cluster88xAn loose open cluster with 4 bright members and about 15 members that are of 12th to 13th Mag. Unremarkable.
NGC 6249Open Cluster88xA compact open cluster with 10 to 12 bright members and twenty fainter members. Various orange stars and one red one.
NGC 6216Open Cluster88xThis open cluster is fairly sparse and has in it an unresolved haze of stars. It's brighter members are superimposed over the top of the cluster. In the save FOV as the Barnard dark nebula B235.
B235Dark Nebula114xA very opaque dark nebula on the Scorpius-Ara border. Not a large object. In a starry field which includes the NGC open cluster NGC 6216.
NeptunePlanet88xNeptune. Icy blue and non stellar. No higher power observations available at the moment due to problem with the Paracorr adapter.
NGC 6541Globular Cluster88xCondensed large globular cluster. The glob brightens to the core. Well resolved. Possibly a class 3 or 4 globular.
NGC 6496Globular Cluster88xFaint globular cluster right on the border of the Corona Australis-Scorpius border. Visible in the finder but unresolved.
Shapley 3Planetary Nebula88xA faint round planetary nebula and fairly easy at this aperture. A central star was noted and a the PN is slightly ring shaped.
NGC 6584Globular Cluster88xA compact partially resolved globular cluster. This glob reminds me of the Messier globs along the bottom of Sagittarius.
M 2Globular Cluster88x A bright Messier globular. Large and very well resolved. A strongish core possibly a 2 or 3 class, slightly looser than 47 Tuc. Not observed in some time. Very nice.
Paul Kemp
13.1" Reflector
Auckland, New Zealand
36° 55' 09 " South, 174° 43' 30" East
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