Southern Sentinel Observing Report

Sunday 16th May 2004


16 May 2004 (Local)


22:00 - 23:45 NZST (UT +12)


Symes Rd, Maramarua Forest, North Waikato.

60 Minutes fro Home


Clear and Cool. Very Contrasty with late Fog. 


Limiting Magnitude 6, transparency 4.5/5, seeing 4.5/5


No Moon. New Moon


13.1 Inch Dobsonian, TeleVue Paracorr & Eyepieces & Lumicon Filters

Another very nice day in Auckland called for an observing session. Getting away late because of other commitments, I arrived at just before 10PM for a good observing, hopefully. Getting down took a lot longer due to some quite lengthy detours due to late road works on the motorway system. 

There was a bit of fog in the low lying places but as I neared the forest it thinnedout and was non-existant when I arrived.

Dave Moorhouse, Guy, Martin & another chap Bede was already there when I was setting up. Another four people arrived after I did and it was quite busy in this loney spot miles from anywhere.

As has been the case I planned to continue my way through the Hartungs & Herschel lists. 

Object Type Magnification Notes
NGC 4999 Galaxy 88x A face on sprial with an even brightness. No detail in the halo. Hartungs & Herchell II Object.
NGC 4904 Galaxy 88x Faint oval galaxy with an even brightness. No surface detail noted. Hartungs & Herschel II Object.
NGC 4691 Galaxy 88x Slightly oval galaxy with a condensed core. No defination in the halo. Hartungs & Herschel II Object.
NGC 4684 Galaxy 88x Faint oval galaxy, probably lenticular in nature.
NGC 4794 Galaxy 176x Faint galaxy with a condensed core. In the same FOV as the interacting pair NGC4782 & NGC4783.
NGC 4783 Galaxy 176x One of two round galaxies interatcing with each other with a small decernable gap between both cores. Fairly faint.
NGC 4782 Galaxy 176x One of two round galaxies interatcing with each other with a small decerable gap between both cores. Fairly faint. Hartungs Object.
NGC 5740 Galaxy 176x Oval shaped galaxy with a condensed core. Halo irregularly defined. Near the 'Son of Sombreo'
NGC 5746 Galaxy 176x The 'Son of Sombero' This is a fainter looking version of M104. Long and skinny with a dark lane, not bright bright but nice. Hartungs & Herschel 400 Object.
NGC 5701 Galaxy 176x Fairly large and faint galaxy with a stellar core. Halo very faint.
NGC 6167 Open Cluster 114x Very starry field. Nice open cluster with many bright members. Guy Thornley not even going to look at it. Hartungs Object.
NGC 6200 Open Cluster 176x A profusely starry field. Open cluster status hard to define but it does have some brighter members. A notch in the Milky Way in the class of the Sagittarius Star Cloud. Hartungs Object.
NGC 6193 Open Cluster 176x Nice open cluster with no real outstanding features. Not observed for four years. Hartungs Object.
IC 2602 Open Cluster 20x An object not logged for mant years that is easy naked eye. Nice to actually log it after not 'officially' recording its observation. Stunning through the 80mm Refractor. Hartungs Object.
NGC 3211 Planetary Nebula 114x Small Planetary in a starr field. Fairly easy to spot, round and has a habit of disappearing on you as you move you eye around. Hartungs Object.
IC 2553 Planetary Nebula 114x Small Planetary with about a diameter of 6". Makes a good pair with the nearby 11th Mag Star. Hartungs Object.




The object of the night was a galaxy that I have nicknamed 'The Son of Sombero' A beautiful edge on galaxy with a dark lane. Some nice starry fields and open clusters were observed as well. Higher power was able to be employed due to the good seeing.

Unfortunately the fog rolled in at about 11:30PM calling a premature end to proceedings. While Symes Rd is usually fog proof, we did not escape tonight.

However I do have some photos of interest.

All the best.


Paul Kemp

3.1" Reflector

Auckland, New Zealand

36 55' 09" South, 174 43' 30" East


-- The Southern Sentinel --