Southern Sentinel Observing Report

Sunday 28th March 2004


28th March 2004 (Local)


19:00 - 21:00 NZST (UT +12)


Penney Ave, Mt Roskill, Auckland



Windy but mainly Clear. Cold


Limiting Magnitude 4.0, transparency 2/5, seeing 3/5


Setting 1st Quarter Moon 


13.1 Inch Dobsonian, TeleVue Paracorr Eyepieces.


The triple transit is all over. The cloud obliged nicely to give me a full view of the proceedings. 

The transit started at 8 PM but I was out early watching the dark Ganymede transitting on one of the bright zones. Callisto's shadow was proceeding slowly awaiting the arrival of the shadows of Ganymede and Io. Io's shadow started transitting at about half seven making three distinct dark spots if you include Ganymede itself. It would be another half hour till Ganymede's shadows ingressed. 

I had a look at Comet NEAT Q4 and estimated its brightness just a touch brighter than 6th Mag. 

A cloud bank rolled in about 7:40 PM and threated the whole proceedings but was gone by 7:50 PM. Fortunately. 

At 8 PM the impressively large shadow of Ganymede appeared on the limb and pushed on quickly. There was a gap between the limb and shadow relatively swiftly and on the otherside of Jupiter Callisto's shadow moped off until only Ganymede and it's shadow were left visible. 

Io was not visible the entire time even though it was also transiting as well. 

Wow!! So much activity around Jupiter tonight. 

For the record I was using my 13 Inch Dob at 176x & 276x. 

All the best. 


Paul Kemp

3.1" Reflector

Auckland, New Zealand

36 55' 16" South, 174 43' 30" East


-- The Southern Sentinel --