My Filters
A great way to enhance your viewing is to employ the use of filters. I currently own three filters;

These filters are;

Lumicon UHC Filter
Lumicon OIII Filter
Lumicon Variable Polarizing Filter (July 2007)

These filters block certain wavelengths of light and stop them reaching the eyepiece. While the view is enhanced, the overall light reaching your eye is less. This means that you need aperture, at least an 8 inch telescope.

The UHC filter is the best all round, not knocking out the view too much. Nebula filters tend to make stars look different colours, giving a sort of unnatural view.

The OIII filter is a very narrowband filer only allowing the OIII emissions to reach the eyepiece. This is a great filter for seeing detail in emission nebulae.

The Variable Porizing Filter reduces glare form the Moon and Planets and is adjustable by turning the filter housing to get the desired brightness. This is a neutral density like filter, meaning all wavelengths of light are adjusted evenly, unlike the UHC and OIII filters.

One of the problems that arises from the use of filters is that screwing them onto the eyepieces can be time consuming. And what about the 1 1/4 inch eyepieces if you have 2 inch filters?

The answer is an Astrocrumb filterslide. The filterslide houses all the filters and a slider moves the filters from one click stop to the other. This is very handy. I use my filters on nearly all objects and therefore I can testify to their benefits. I have also upgraded my filterslide to use the Omega Dew Terminator to help eliminate dew forming on the exposed filters.

If you buy an Astrocrumb filterslide you will use you filters more.


Astrocrumb Filter Slide with
Lumicon UHC & OIII Filters

Updated 4th July 2007