My Eyepieces

I have tried many eyepieces over the years, but come back to the one brand every time....TeleVue. For observing with a Dobsonian where the telescope does not account for the earths rotation, wide field eyepiece are the eyepieces of choice, at least for me they are. I have slowly built my collection of eyepieces up to 4 eyepieces for the Dob.

These eyepieces are as follows and when combined with my TeleVue Paracorr give me the following magnifications and FOV's


Magnification & FOV Without Paracorr Magnification & FOV With Paracorr
TeleVue 22mm Nagler Type 4 76x     1o05' 88 x    0o56'
TeleVue 17mm Nagler Type 4 98x     0o50' 114x    0o43'
TeleVue 11mm Nagler Type 6 151x     0o33' 176x     0o28'
TeleVue 7mm Nagler Type 6 238x     0o21' 276x     0o18'

The Naglers are excellent eyepieces and are very sharp. My theory on eyepieces is that you will have them what ever the telescope you build or own, so save and get quality products.

The 22mm Nagler, a 2" eyepiece, is normally the first eyepiece out of the case, for a settling in period as the telescope cools. Once the scope is sufficiently cool, I swap in the 17mm Nagler and use the 22mm Nagler, if I come across objects that have a wider field of view. This eyepiece replaces a 27mm Panoptic and has the same FOV as the 27mm but with a larger apparent view and a slightly higher power. For anyone looking for a low power eyepiece, these two eyepiece are hard to separate with the Nagler being slighter better but for quite a bit more money.

The 17mm Nagler, is also a 2" eyepiece, a magic all purpose eyepiece and is the eyepiece of choice under average and good conditions and gives a fantastic all-round view of all but the largest of objects.

The 11mm Nagler is also very special, with stunning views of all types of deep sky objects. If conditions are very good this eyepiece is fantastic. I tend to not push the power up when the seeing is poor. I bought this eyepiece after selling a 12mm Nagler Type 2. I do not really see the point of a hybrid 2" / 1 1/4 barrel in eyepiece so I replaced the 12mm. The 11mm is a dedicated 1 1/4 inch eyepiece, is considerably sharper and lighter, has better eye relief and does not have a in-focus issue that the hybrid eyepieces have.

The 7mm Nagler is my high power eyepiece and least used. Good for planets and planetary nebulae and has performed very well since I have owned it. In the same mould as the 11mm Nagler, it is a 1 1/4 inch eyepiece and is lightweight, especially compared to the 2" Naglers. Again if the seeing is poor this eyepiece never gets close the telescope. 

The other accessory in this category is the Paracorr, the Paracorr is a coma corrector and does it's job well but could well be done without. At f5, my telescope hardly needs the correction that the Paracorr offers, but I have noticed it's benefits when other eyepieces are used, other than the ones I own. The correction of the Naglers are excellent and in this case probably could do with out being in the scope. I own one, so I use it and it performs well.

I also own a Cross hair Lumicon eyepiece which I use for aligning the Argo Navis.

Updated 17th March 2008