My Accessories

Accessories are very important to any observers observing kit. Eyepieces are the most important, but other things like Dew Heaters or special cords to run a laptop off a 12 V battery, can be just as vital to a long observing session.

I find that the more you go out observing, the more you need to make observing easy i.e. eliminating dew, increasing the size of you finder etc. Here are some categories of accessories which I will elaborate on in a bit more detail in each section.



On the photo above you can see Dew Heaters,
80mm Finder, a Rigel  Quikfinder and a
27mm Panoptic Eyepiece

Steve O'Meara & I at Stardate 2004

Digital Setting Circles
Star Charts
Dew Heaters
Updated 22nd July 2007